Issei Komi
Hitotsubashi University. Business Management and Accounting.

Merrill Lynch in Tokyo and NY. Director of Structured Finance Department

Founder and CEO of Italia Fudosan Real Estate
    • Series 7, Registered Representative for trades of financial products
       in USA
    • Series 3, Registered Representative for trades of derivative
       products in USA
    • Gaimuin Shikaku series 1, Registered Representative for
       trades of financial products in Japan
    • Gaimuin Shikaku series 12, Registered Representative for
       trades of derivative products in japan
    • Registered Real Estate Broker – CCIAA Milano
    • Registered Real Estate Agent with fiduciary capacity
       CCIAA Milan
Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl
Italia Fudosan Real Estate
Italia Fudosan Real Estate is based in Milan and is the only Italian-Japanese Real Estate Brokerage firm. Since the founding in 2006, we have achieved growing results and received acknowledgement from our clientele, both Italian and foreigner, who testifies to the professional value of the services we offer.
Our C.E.O., Mr. Komi, founded this company after 15 years of experience in investment banking in Tokyo and New York, and is the only registered Japanese real estate agent in Italy.