Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl
Italia Fudosan Real Estate provides assistance for the national clients looking to expand or rationalize their real estate assets in Italy or abroad, and supports the international clients interested in establishing themselves in the Italian market.

We offer the following kinds of investment opportunities:
   • Private investment
   • Investment for institutional investors like real estate funds, distress loan funds, financial institutions etc.
   • For own-use: properties to be used as shop, restaurant, hotel, vineyard, residential
   • For yield investment of real estate asset with referenced tenants like business districts, retail parks, outlets,
     shopping malls, hotel, shops, residential
   • Value–up investment with method of restyling/ refurbishment actions or change of destination of use of the properties
   • Study and implementation of tenant changes and innovative concepts based on our international market experience to increase
     the investment profitability.

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the market, at Italia Fudosan Real Estate, we can assist the property owners and investors in every step of the operation, from the search of the property, to the feasibility study, to the commercialization and the revenue generation.

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Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl

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