Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl
At Italia Fudosan Real Estate we are always looking for new residential properties to present to our international and referenced clientele.
Referenced and international clientele

Our residential property rental service is mainly directed to foreign managers relocating to Italy for medium to long periods (2-5 years), with rental contracts guaranteed for by the company. The property sale services cater to foreign investors who have an interest in the Italian residential market.
Complete support service

Our agency acts as a mediator for every step of the negotiation, from the promotion phase until the conclusion of the contract.
Continuous assistance

Even after the conclusion of the contract and the start of the new living situation, our staff offers assistance in communication between the parts in case of specific needs, and can fluently speak Japanese, English, Spanish, French and German.
Tailor-made consulting

To best present and promote the property, with the aim of making it attractive to a wider range of clients and rent in the shortest time possible.

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Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl

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