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We operate on a daily basis with Institutional Investors (Real Estate Investment Trusts, Banks, Insurance Companies, Italian and foreign Asset Management Companies), Real Estate Companies, Private Owners, End Users, Developers and Promoters, Foundations. Our clients acknowledge the professional quality of our services and grant us with positive feedbacks.
Why choose us?

Our experience and knowledge of the market allow us to make comparative assessments that reflect in detail the actual market situation and take into consideration the potential value of your property.

We analyze in every detail the solutions and strategies to change the intended use, to restyle and we propose innovative concepts, all with the aim of increasing the value of the property.

We exploit our profound knowledge of marketing and our vast network of clients to better commercialize your property.
Services and support

We offer our assistance in the execution of all necessary administrative and bureaucratic procedures.

Our clients are referenced, selected and international and they grant us the exclusive right to research the property that best match their business.

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Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl

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