Italia Fudosan Real Estate srl
Italia Fudosan Real Estate
Italia Fudosan Real Estate is a Real Estate Brokerage firm specialized in shop rentals in Italy’s main cities. We have achieved outstanding results by collaborating with both Italian and foreign companies. Our core business is focused on properties destined to the Retail & Food development.
We handle the following product categories:
   • Commercial spaces in high streets and city center
   • Goodwill (including license) for Restaurant & Food
   • Retail parks and outlet stores
   • Retail spaces in railway stations and airports
   • Temporary stores
We offer the following kinds of services:
   • Acquisition of goodwill/ business license
   • Leasing of business unit
   • M&A (brands and restaurants etc.)
   • Leasing agreements
   • Valuation for goodwill/ business license
   • Brokerage service for sales of your
      goodwill / business license
   • Consulting service for relocation
   • Support for the renegotiation of leasing contracts
   • Consulting for the legal establishment
      of the company, permit of stay / VISA
      requirements and procedure for employees, etc.
Why choose us?

We carefully analyze your business, product category and target customer base in order to recommend you the right location for your business while also taking into consideration the growth potential of each city commercial districts.

Our focus is not limited to Italy, it extends to a globalized market vision. We work for the development of both foreign companies in Italy and Italian companies abroad.

Our clients acknowledge the reliability and competence we offer.

Our staff members come from different cultural and working backgrounds, and have the skills to recommend you the best strategies to make the best of your project.

Thanks to the cooperation with architects, engineers, lawyers, and notaries, we can provide you the technical and professional assistance you might need.